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3 Ways To Get A Guy To Like You – Without Being Needy

Get your free report here: “How do I back off without breaking the connection with a guy?” This is a question I often get from my readers, and chances are you’ve wondered about this yourself. So in this relationship advice video, you’ll learn 3 ways to get a guy to like you – without looking Read More

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What Korean Guys Are REALLY Like | Stereotypes About Korean Men

Thanks to all of you who sent me your comments via Instagram! (My instagram: @lenimida) You guys made this video happen!! Read more 👇\ ✦ LEARN KOREAN FAST ✦ ╰Get a copy my self-study notes (45-pages of essential info!) Download link here: ♥ Become an EXCLUSIVE member ♥ get special perks such as members-only group Read More


Can a guy like you after a one night stand? In this video, I will share with you 4 different one-night stand situations and how to behave in order to get the guy to like you. MENTIONED VIDEOS: 02.28min HOW TO BEHAVE WITH A GUY AFTER SEX 03.09mins WHY YOU SHOULD NOT PURSUE MEN 04.40mins Read More

3 Shocking Reasons Guys Like To Chase Bitches

What men REALLY want: Is it healthy to think that guys like to chase bitches, or is this a harmful belief? To answer that, I’ll break down what it REALLY means to be a “bitch” in this video on relationship tips for women. You might think that a putting up a “bitchy” attitude is part Read More

How To Make A Guy Like You Over Text – Texts Men Love To Receive | How To Text Guys You Like

❤️Discover His Strange Obsession 👉 👉 EVERY MAN IS DYING TO READ THIS MAGICAL TEXT: How To Make A Guy Like You Over Text – Texts Men Love To Receive | How To Text Guys You Like 👉 Subscribe to the channel: ____________________________❤️❤️❤️____________________________ How to make a guy like you over text – Best How Read More

Miminal effort | Signs a guy doesn’t like you | signs he’s playing games

This video is about minimal effort and when guys make excuses about why they don’t call or text you like they said hey would. If a guy is giving you minimal effort cut him off. He is just stringing you along. He is playing games. This is the number one sign he is playing games Read More

How To Get A Guy To Like You GUARANTEED – How To Keep A Guy From Pulling Away

YOU’RE LOOKING FOR THIS LINK HERE (Coaching and Courses): Everything About Why He Ignores You And Want To Do About It Here – Everything About How To Get Him Back And Make Him Miss you Here- Everything On Reading His True Intentions With You Here- Everything On Why Men Pull Away Here- My name is Read More


THINGS GUYS SAY WHEN THEY LIKE YOU! (7 Specific Phrases!) Hit the like button if you’re a girl watching this!! 🙂 If you want to be part of the next giveaway, make sure you’re subscribed and follow me on IG 🙂 Instagram: 5 Confusing Things Guys Do When They Like You!! – WHERE GUYS WANT Read More

5 Things Girls Do That Guys Like

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