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10 Signs an Extrovert Likes You

Extroverts can be some of the “funnest” people to hang out with. They can also make the best romantic partners. But as many people in the past have found out, it’s actually pretty hard to figure out if extroverts like you. This is because extroverts’ friendliness and warmth can often be misinterpreted as flirting, when Read More

How To Tell If A Guy Doesn't Like You

How to tell if a guy doesn’t like you. So, I’ve made a lot of video in the past talking about signs when a guy likes you romantically and such and I’ve never made one about when a guy doesn’t like you. So, I thought I should make one. Sometimes we gotta be true to Read More

When a Man Loves & Adores You, but tries to HIDE it!

for more tips. to find my books on Read More


Discover 100 SIGNS YOUR CRUSH LIKES YOU to know if he is into you and to k know if your crush likes your for sure… Maybe you keep wondering all the time about your crush and what if your crush likes you or not, does he think about you, too? Do you wonder if the Read More

READING A CLIENT'S EMAIL- How To Tell If A Guy Likes You And Why He Is Pulling Away

YOU’RE LOOKING FOR THIS LINK HERE (Coaching and Courses): Everything About Why He Ignores You And Want To Do About It Here – Everything About How To Get Him Back And Make Him Miss you Here- Everything On Reading His True Intentions With You Here- Everything On Why Men Pull Away Here- My name is Read More

The Most Important Sign He's Serious About You & Really Likes You | How to Tell If He Likes You

The Most Important Sign He’s Serious About You & Really Likes You | How to Tell If He Likes You BECOME A PATRON: GET 1on1 COACHING: GET FREE ACCESS TO MY COURSE: PURCHASE MERCH: CHECK OUT MY SPANISH CHANNEL: Join Our Facebook Group: SEMINARS: Follow me on IG for more videos: @Dalexisp If he does Read More

21 Undeniable Signs A Guy Likes You More Than a Friend

To learn more about signs a guy likes you,CLICK here: *** Does He Love Me Quiz*** Quiz: ***Why He Lies To You? Does He Love You?*** Quiz: Does She Like Me Quiz? Find Out Now; Quiz: *** How To Make Him Love You Blog*** * Blog: *** How To Make Him Love You Blog*** * Read More

How To Tell If A Shy Guy Likes You – 4 FOOLPROOF Signs A Shy Guy Likes You

FREE video reveals the relationship “secret ingredient” that every man NEEDS in order to feel intense, committed love (without it, he will always keep one foot out the door)… Click Here To Watch: Are you interested in a guy, but he’s too shy to express the way he feels about you? Are you sick of Read More

Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend (Don't Let Him Slip)

Here’s 15 signs he likes you more than a friend. So, you have this friend, who you either know for a long time or just met. You notice something odd about him but like in a good way. He’s really nice to you and you guys just click. Now you’re wondering if he has feelings Read More


50 SIGNS YOUR CRUSH LIKES YOU In this video you were given 50 signs which showed if she/he likes you. For business only: [SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS] How well did you do? Leave it in the comments below. SUBSCRIBE for more VIDEOS like these. LIKE if you enjoyed this video and Read More

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