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Make 60-100k With Each Recipe! | Obsidian Mail Tunic/Jagged Obsidian Shield | WoW Gold Making Guide

Thank you for watching! Hope this simple guide for easy gold helps everyone! Discord: Vanilla Blacksmithing Guide: Addons Used: TSM Comment below any questions or other guides you would like to see! Twitch: 0:00 Final Giveaway Announcement 0:40 How to Gain Exalted Reputation 2:07 How to Get the Recipes 3:37 Prices and Materials Needed 5:05 Read More

The Clone Command – A Quick Minecraft Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial to the clone command, which will be added in Minecraft 1.8. Commands used: /clone 411 56 -1699 407 63 -1695 ~2 ~ ~2 /clone 411 56 -1699 407 63 -1695 ~2 ~ ~2 replace /clone 411 56 -1699 407 63 -1695 ~2 ~ ~2 masked This video is recorded in Read More

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Horror Game – Part 8d "Physics Door"

This is a series, in which I’ll teach you how to create the basic mechanics for Horror Game in Unreal engine 4. Today we’ll be learning how to create a physic gun, that allow use to move objects that will move objects around and be using to open doors. Playlist – Read More

The Definition Of A B*tch Is…

*Apply For A One Off FREE Consultation With Us To Fix Your Dating Life Once & For All: ► *Master The Art of Texting Women & Turn Those Phone Numbers Into Dates: ► *Get In Touch With Questions, Comments Or For Help Finding A Wingman: ► ——————————————————— *Contribute a few dimes to our coffee/whiskey Read More


**SUBSCRIBE** Medium difficulty tutorial. Photoshop CS5 tutorial Download Stadium Lights image from google – free Short Cuts (PC) Cntrl T – Transform Cntrl A – Select All Cntrl C – Copy Cntrl V – Paste This is youtube so pause as long as you want and leave a comment if you need a hand. **CHECK Read More

How To Get ALL FORME Changing Items in Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC Crown Tundra

The Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC The Crown Tundra Brings Dynamax Adventures. Here is How to CHOOSE The Legendary Path in Dynamax Adventures – Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC Crown Tundra Official Playlist of the Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass ► Subscribe to Austin John Plays for more great videos! ► – – – Read More

Creating an Animated GIF in Photoshop CC

Geared towards absolute beginners, this video was created for the online WEB-135 – Raster Imaging & Photography class I teach at the Harrisburg Area Community College in Harrisburg, PA, USA. Interested in learning more about Photoshop? Sign up for my class at and get college credit! Read More

October Ipsy UnBOOxing Should I switch to Boxy Charm??

WE’RE BACK!! Our second Ipsy review! Was it a trick or treat??? Watch to see! Also be sure to follow my Instagram for the next giveaway!! Please subscribe, like, share, turn on the notifications and comment 🙂 ❤ Hola mi amigas y amigos, I’m Simone Kim and I’m 22 yo. I love make up, and Read More

Boo – By ChampionXii | Among Us

Boo – By ChampionXii | Among Us Follow Championxiii Lyrics: Bro like I’m dead You killed me I’m dead now Haha Boo! I’m a ghost I can go on for days and days Yeah, I do the most (Wait) Wait (Wait) Woah I do not know I told her get off I need my space Read More

Text Coding – Dogs on the Beach Opinion Writing

This video will show you how to text code source 1 of the dogs on the beach opinion essay. Read More

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