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How to turn on Text to Speech on your WWP laptop

This video looks at how to turn on the text to speech feature on a Wireless Writing Program laptop. Using Mac OS X 10.6.8 Read More

Bleak House (A Turn of the Screw) [AudioBook+Text]

Note: I have manually synced the text with the audiobook (I started this project for my personal use). You may find mismatch in some places, as my text version had not been identical to that of the reader. The audio is in the public domain. The text processing (including extraction, formatting, correction, and syncing) is Read More

WordPress Quickly Turn Text Into Hyperlink

Quick tip on how to turn text into hyperlink in WordPress just by pasting your clip board URL onto your selected text. Please support us using these Amazon affiliate codes below so that we can continue our giveaways and make them worldwide. Dragon Blogger USA – Dragon Blogger CANADA — Dragon Blogger U.K. – Most Read More

Can a Hurricane IV turn fight a Ki-43? (War Thunder text commentary)

— Watch live at Read More

Quicktip: How to Make Seethrough Outline Text in Photoshop

Hey guys, this is a remake of a tutorial I did a while ago, but never posted. I realized I should remake it, rather than just uploading the old one, because I made it before I got my new mic, so it sounded really bad, and I thought I could explain things better now than Read More

Creepy Texts From Boarding School | Don't Turn Around

Hey guys and welcome to another Text Chat Horror Story! Today I am reading creepy texts from Boarding School. I received these creepy text messages from a girl at a boarding school in America. I’m in England and the police have been unhelpful to say the least. Original Channel: Original Video: Make sure to hit Read More

Turn any text, email or ebook on your Apple device into an audiobook

Turn any text, email or ebook on your Apple device into an audiobook Get more Blewmymind updates: Website: Like Blewmymind: Follow Blewmymind: Subscribe: Tumblr Periscope: Feel free to SHARE this video but DO NOT REUPLOAD. Thank you! Read More

Source Mapping Tutorial 1 – Your First Map

This instructional video will tell you how to make your first map for Counter-Strike: Source. A higher quality version is available here: * By ‘return’ I mean ‘enter.’ * If you can only see the wire-frame of brushes or solid colour instead of texture in the camera view your camera is in the wrong mode. Read More

How to turn her on with 3 simple text messages

How to turn her on with 3 simple text messages Discover Exactly What Texts to Send: Use These 3 Texts To Get Meetups That Turn Into Sex and Relationships… You’re about to learn three simple text messages that transform your phone into a magnet. I’ll show you how to use these magnetic messages to turn Read More

Ali Gatie – It's You (Gavin Magnus Official Cover ft. Coco Quinn)

Hey guys, I really hope you enjoy the Ali Gatie – It’s You (Gavin Magnus Official Cover ft. Coco Quinn my crush. We had so much fun creating this rendition of It’s You, and we hope you like the song and music video too. Who do you think the mystery girl is at the end? Read More

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